April Wrap Up

It’s been a really strange month for reading. I’ve been all over the map and went through a lot of really bad books. I guess I’ve been trying to bid my time to when A Court of Wings and Ruin comes out next month. Can I just please get my hands on it now?


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March Wrap Up

I think I could have done better this month. I have read NINE. I had a really good start at the beginning of the year and now I’m starting to slow down. Below are the books that I started and the few that I DNF’d. The DNF books I will probably pick up again, I’m just not feeling them now.


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February Wrap Up

I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump this month. Most of the books I’ve read have been short contemporary books with a romance or what not. There were several books that I wanted to read this month that I just didn’t make it through. Wayfarer by Alexandra Bracken is one such example. I’ve read / listened to 66% of the book and couldn’t tell you a thing that’s happened. So I’ve put it down and will have to start over again in a different month. But for this month I’ve read a total of 9 books, not bad, but not great either.

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January Wrap Up

Hey guys, I’ve decided to post a monthly wrap up. I’m not publishing reviews on all of the books I’ve read this month. I thought it would be cool to keep a list of all the books I read each month. Since my reviews only come out on Thursday’s I already have a few queued up to publish because I read, count them ELEVEN books and DNF’d two. Let’s get started shall we.


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All in all I think that’s a great wrap up. Several of these books are under two hundred pages so they were very fast reads and that’s why I think I’ve been able to read so many. Almost all of the books also fit into the 2017 Reading Challenge that my friend Cassie gave me to complete. Below are the two books that I couldn’t bring myself to finish and DNF’d them.

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I read almost all of Opposition but just found myself really bored with and put it down for something more exciting. I only got through 20% of The Unexpected Everything and realized that I couldn’t recall anything that I’d just read. They weren’t bad books, just not for me this month.

What books have you all read this month?