The Sick Book Tag

Here’s another tag that I’m taking from here. This seemed like a really interesting tag and I’m excited to do it. Let’s get started.
1. Diabetes: name a book that’s too sweet, like REALLY sweet. 
2. Chicken Pox: Name a book you only picked up once and never will again.
3. The Flu: Name a popular book that spreads like a virus.
4. The Cycle: Name a book that you reread yearly, or at least often. * I try to read this series at least once a year, if not every other year.*
5. Insomnia: Name a book that kept you up all night. * And I’ve read it at least 6 times already. Obsessed? Maybe*
6. Amnesia: Name a book that that you’ve forgotten or failed to leave an impact on your memory.
7. Asthma: Name a book that took your breath away.
8. Malnutrition: Name a book that lacks food for thought.
9. Travel Sickness: Name a book that took you on a journey. 

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