Top Five Wednesday

Today’s top 5 Wednesday is hosted by the Goodreads group here. Today I get to talk about my top 5 favorite things that are not books. Needlessly to say I’m super excited about this topic. Let’s get started.


I can’t tell you how much I love researching my family tree. I have a very old blog that I dedicated to the subject, but it became too much to upkeep. I’ll just leave the link here if you want to check it out.

One of the things I value most in my life is my family. I don’t have a lot left (mom, sister, dad – who I haven’t seen in 20+ years, and a couple people on his side of the family.) I started looking into my ancestors when my mother told me a story about my 2nd great grandmother Aimee Thomas (Fuller). Back in the 1920s she lost 4 sons in a flood in Vermont.


After learning everything that I could about her, I decided that I wanted to see if there were any other interesting things in my history. I have been extremely lucky to have a family from New England. I was the first person born outside of NE on my mom’s side since we came over from England in the 1600s. There is so much information on her side and I can’t seen to get enough of it. The most interesting thing I’ve been able to find is that I’m related to the Putnam’s from Salem, MA. As a huge history buff, that was like hitting the jackpot. Turns out that I’m related to both sides of the conflict. My mom thinks we have a family curse that stems from this time, but that’s another story for another time.

Entertainment Production

When I was very little I used to want to be a Vet. After my first year of college and nearly failing my biology class, I decided that I should reconsider where my talents lay. That semester I was involved in the production of the school’s production of Elephant Man. I was invited to work back stage and help with the curtains. I had spent a couple summers involved in the plays put on in the Upward Bound program I was in in high school, but it wasn’t until that play in college that I thought I would enjoy doing this as a career.

I started doing as much research as I could about all the things that go on behind the scenes in movies and TV shows. Started watching as much about it as I could and looked up what colleges would be good for this. Life has a funny way of changing your direction without consulting you first. Things didn’t work out that allowed me to go to school and get a degree. I now live in Georgia where a lot of shows and movies are now made. I’m making contacts and hopefully one day in the next couple of years I’ll get a job on the set of a movie or show.

My dream would to be a part of the setting or prop department. My love of all things production has also fueled my desire to write that great screenplay I know I have in me. One day soon, maybe.

Volunteering at Animal Shelters

When I was in high school, we lived outside of the district so my mom was forced to pick me up and drop me off at school. During my junior year she had a job that meant I had almost two hours after school to fill. Luckily there was a local animal shelter right behind the high school. For the entire year I would walk to the shelter and volunteer. I think I spent nearly 300 hours there in those few months.

I would walk all the “ugly” dogs, the ones that get looked over when people want puppies or prettier dogs. They were the most loving and wonderful dogs. I enjoyed giving them baths and just spending time with them. I played with the cats, and when we got in goats I was in heaven. The shelter was small and almost never put an animal down if they could help it.

I looked forward to doing this every day and now it’s a part of me. No matter where I’ve moved I have tried to volunteer at an animal shelter. You’ll never under the love that the dogs and cats need until you try it for yourself. I’ve never worked at a high kill shelter and I’m not sure I could handle that, but for now I feel like I’m doing a good thing, and they give me so much more than I could give back.

Binge Watching TV Shows

I don’t have cable but that doesn’t stop me from binge watching all my favorite shows. I’ve got an account to Netflix (thanks sis), Hulu and Amazon Video. You’ll be amazed at how many different shows and movies there are to watch out there. Sometimes it becomes too much and I end up looking for an hour for something to watch.

The last show I binged was “Tanked” on Animal Planet. It’s a show about a company that makes custom fish tanks. Not sure what it’s about this show, but it’s addicting.  And I’ve learned a lot about fish in the process.

Some of the other shows I’ve binged watched are: Gilmore Girls revival, Stranger Things (didn’t care for this as much as everyone else), Heartland, McLeod’s Daughters (so obsessed with this show), and Being Erica (3rd time watching this show since it ended).

Office Supplies

It’s safe to say that I’m obsessed with pens, notebooks, and office supplies. I cannot walk into a supply store, Walmart, or even the grocery store during back to school without picking up something. I have about a million different pens, about twenty empty spiral notebooks (I plan on using for stories that are waiting to be written), and various organizational stuff.

I also have a ton of felt pens and markers. Writing so much has taught me that these are the best because they don’t tire out my hand as fast as a ball point pen. Try it, you’ll thank me later.


Those are 5 things that I’m as obsessed with as much as books. I hope it gave you all a little more sense into who I am and that if you’re interested in these too, we’ll have something to talk about. Let me know in the comments what things you are obsessed with more than books.


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