Demigods and Monsters (Sphinx #2)

29332599Demigods and Monsters (Sphinx #2) by Raye Wagner
Published : April 2016
Version Read
 : Ebook
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2starCan Apollo’s curse be broken?
Seventeen-year-old Hope Nicholas is done running. Apollo’s curse has ruled her entire life, limiting her choices and robbing her of the things that matter most. But she refuses to live in fear any longer. In fact, she’s ready to do whatever it takes to break the god’s power over her existence.
When the goddess Artemis instructs Hope to impersonate a demigod and infiltrate a conservatory to get access to the Olympian library, she doesn’t hesitate. As she sees it, there’s nothing left to lose.
But once inside, Hope discovers the only way to get what she needs is to work with her sworn enemies. As the lines between demigod and monster are crossed again and again, Hope has to dig deep for the courage to accept her fate or fight for the freedom to save herself.

I decided to give this book a try while I was waiting for some other books I ordered to arrive. Although the first book wasn’t my favorite, I thought I’d give this one a shot because it was getting some really good reviews. I should have just taken a break from reading instead.

I don’t want to be harsh on another author because I know how much work it takes to write a book and get it published. But I couldn’t finish this one. I just…. couldn’t. I couldn’t get behind any of the characters in this novel, and I just found them all really annoying. I didn’t even finish the book. I’m not sure I’ll pick it up again, but I’ll always give the author another shot when she writes something new.

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