Curse of the Sphinx

25905676Curse of the Sphinx by Raye Wagner
Published :Aug 2015
Version Read
 : Ebook
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3starSeventeen year-old Hope Nicholas has spent her entire life on the run. But no one is chasing her. In fact, no one even knows she exists. With her mom, she’s traveled from town to town and school to school, barely staying long enough to meet anyone, let alone make friends. And she’ll have to keep it that way. It’s safer.

When her mother is brutally ripped away from her, Hope’s life shatters. Is this the fulfillment of Apollo’s curse, murder from the shadow monsters of the Underworld, or have the demigods finally found her? Orphaned and alone, Hope flees again, but this time there’s no one to teach her who to trust—or how to love.

Set in a universe where mythology is alive and well in the modern world, Curse of the Sphinx irresistibly blends action, suspense and romance.

I’ve only heard about this book in the last couple of months, and it had so many good reviews by other bloggers I enjoy. I absolutely love reading fiction about Greek Mythology and so was excited for this book. It was an easy read and I read it fairly quickly in only a few days. However I didn’t enjoy it as much as I desperately wanted to.

The whole thing was a little hard to wrap my head around. The first chapter threw me off a little because I wasn’t expecting to have a flashback in the second chapter and onward for a few more. It seemed a little out of place. It also took me way too long to realize that in this world, people still believed in the Gods. I kept thinking it was odd that Mythology a was required class.

I felt terrible for everything that Hope was going through, but I couldn’t connect with her on a deeper level. Even when she felt alone in the world, she still pushed everyone away, which didn’t make any sense to me. She had planned on staying in the town, but she didn’t want any friendships? I’m not convinced.

I had a hard time believing that Athan didn’t know she was the sphinx after watching her mother die. Surely they would have looked similar. I saw the love interest from the first page they met and it wasn’t a shock when they ended up together. I had to laugh when he called himself her boyfriend after the first kiss though.

There were moments of the story that I really enjoyed, but I’m not sure if I’ll read the next book. I would definitely read another book by this author.

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