The Islanders, Vol. 1

23287180The Islanders, Vol. 1 by Katherine Applegate and Michael Grant
Published :April 2015
Version Read
 : Paperback
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4starTwo years ago the tiny New England community on Chatham Island was rocked by tragedy–three teenagers had a terrible accident that left one dead. Now Lucas Cabral, the person responsible for the events on that fateful night, has returned. But life on the island isn’t the same, and everyone Lucas once considered a friend refuses to speak to him. Everyone except for Zoey Passmore. As Lucas and Zoey grow closer, Zoey risks tearing apart her close-knit group of friends if they discover the truth . . . that she’s falling for her boyfriend’s worst enemy.

Now with a stunning new package, another generation of readers will be swept away by the romance, secrets, and betrayals of this close knit group of friends.

I first read these two books when they were still under the “Making Out” series title back in high school. There were the books that started my love of reading for fun, instead of something that I had to do for school. I thought the characters were so mature for teenagers and that their lives were interesting compared to my own. I think there were a total of 28 books in the whole series and I had collected them all. When I went to college I decided that I was “too grown up” for them and gave them again. A decision I regret now.

Recently I have had a surge for nostalgia and I was so excited to see this book on Amazon. My roommate bought it for me for my birthday and it took me less than 24 hrs to read it. And I was sick as a dog so I’m pretty proud of myself. While I can’t say that I loved it as much as the first time I read the series, I did enjoy it. I still thought the characters are unique and provide a nice span of ethic backgrounds that are nice. But the part of me that wanted to read these again were the references to the 90s pop culture that I identified with so much in the first time around.

Since this is a later reprint I understand that the author needed update the content and make it more relatable to today’s teenagers. It just wasn’t what I was looking for. It’s also upsetting that they only republished 8 of the 28 books into the duo novels. But the biggest draw back to me was the “smack your face” insta-love I missed the first hundred times I read the series. It’s there and it’s so badly done that I just want to smack myself for having loved the book. In spite of this, I really did enjoy rereading a favorite from my childhood.

I would recommend the first print of the series to anyone who was a teenager in the 90s and would like a little nostalgia.
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