The Making of Nebraska Brown

nebraskabrownThe Making of Nebraska Brown by: Louise Caiola
Published : Feb 2014
Version Read
 : Kindle/Book tour
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The last thing eighteen-year-old Ann Leigh remembers is running from her boyfriend in a thick Nebraska cornfield. This morning she’s staring down a cool Italian sunrise, an entire continent from the life she once knew. The events of the eighteen months in between have inexplicably gone missing from her memory.

In that one little paragraph I knew that I would love this book. Recently my sister decided she was going to travel to Italy for two weeks next year. She’s been constantly telling me about how wonderful it will be and all of the things that she’s going to see. I was interested to see how this book would compare to everything she’s told me. Well, and the fact that I love a good amnesia story.

The story of Ann is so much more than just remembering her past. It’s about discovering who she is. At first we believe that she’s got a wonderful life with Tommy in Italy. Then she starts to remember things and we soon realize that maybe she’s not so “good” after all. I don’t want to give too much away because I think you should read this book for yourself. So instead I’ll talk a little about the characters.

It’s been a while since I’ve read a story where the main character is so believable. What most writers forget when they write the hero/heroine is that people in real life are flawed. We have our good moments and our bad moments. We don’t always make the right decision and we have to live and learn from those mistakes. Louise Caiola, never forgot that for a second. Ann and Tommy both are wonderfully written characters that I never had a hard time believing weren’t real. They could be my friends. Speaking of Tommy, I don’t think I’ve ever had such a love-hate relationship with a character as much as I did with him since I read Pride and Prejudice for the first time. I can’t really compare Mr. Darcy to Tommy, but they both fueled the same emotion out of me. And that’s always the first sign to me of a great story.

I really loved this story and I look forward to reading more from the author. I would strongly recommend this book to everyone, especially those that love a good mystery and strong characters.

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