Find Momo

momoFind Momo by: Andrew Knapp
Published : March 2014
Version Read
 : Paperback/Owned
Read More about it here.




**I received this book as part of Goodreads First Reads.**

I always forget how much I love photography books until I get them. I need to start buying them more often. I was so excited when I won a copy of this book and read it the day that I received it. I wasn’t aware that Momo was already a household name for many of my friends and feel silly for not being in the loop.

While it was fun to find Momo, and he was pretty good at hiding in the pictures, I found myself looking at the pictures for a while after I found the dog.  Andrew has a wonderful eye for photography and made even the most mundane things look interesting. There were some awesome perspectives throughout the books as well. I really enjoyed this book and I’m going to share it with everyone I can.

I would recommend this book to anyone who like photography or the “Where’s waldo” books. It’s also a great activity for children and adults alike. Truly a great book.

Find out more about Momo

Go Find Momo (dot) com
Momo on Instagram
Momo on Facebook

Pre-order the Book Here




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