Long Time Coming

longtimecomingLong Time Coming by: Vanessa Miller
Published : Nov 2010
Version Read
 : Kindle/Owned 
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Deidre Clark-Morris is a faithful Christian who has everything she could dream of, except the children her heart longs for. Kenisha Smalls has lived in poverty all her life. She has three children by three different men and has just been diagnosed with inoperable cancer. While the meeting between these two women appears accidental, it becomes their catalyst of hope. Neither woman expects the blessing that God has in store for her. While Deidre guides Kenisha on the path to eternal life with Jesus Christ, Kenisha teaches Deidre how to stand strong against the storms of life.

This is the kind of book they make Hallmark movies from and that is not a bad thing. I haven’t read a Christian book in a while that affected me as much as this one did.

I related to Kenisha’s story the most. I grew up in poverty and lived the beginning years of my life until 7th grade in government housing. Her story was so true to everything that I saw going on and it touched something deep within me. I bawled my eyes out when she found out that she had cancer and her thoughts about what was going to happen to her children.

Deidre’s story was a little harder for me to swallow. It was a wonderful story about a woman with a dark secret who can’t have the one things she wants most, children. I enjoyed watching Deidre grow and learn of God’s grace and forgiveness. The story of the women’s friendship was beautifully done.

I will highly recommend this book to many of my friends, even the non-Christian ones. I look forward to reading more from this author.


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