Golden Blood

goldenbloodGolden Blood by: Melissa Pearl
Published : February 2012 
Version Read
 : Kindle/Owned 
Read More about it here.


Gemma Hart never knows when her father is going to whisk her back in time. Her toes start tingling and she has a few minutes to find a secret haven where she can disintegrate and appear in another time and place. While “across the line,” her training and skills are put to the test as she completes a mission that will change history for the lucky few her father has selected.

I love a good time travelling book and this one did not disappoint. The characters in this book are wonderful. From the beginning I was rooting for Gemma and Harrison. Almost every character in the story was well written and fleshed out. You knew where they stood and why they did what they did.

What I loved most was the different historical eras written in the book. Although I loved Gemma and Harrison, I would have preferred a little more adventure. There was a nice twist that Gemma couldn’t control when she traveled back in time. What made Gemma a unique character for me is that she wasn’t aggressive. There were times she could have kicked the snot out of people, but she didn’t. She loved her family and often times sacrificed what she wanted to protect them. You don’t see that very often in YA novels anymore. Harrison was her perfect counter-part and I loved that they didn’t fall in love right away. Their relationship seemed genuine and had a natural progression for the storyline.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for adventure and loves time travel. It starts out a little slow but I promise it’s worth the read.


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