The Storyteller

storytellerThe Storyteller by: Jodi Picoult
Published : February 2013 
Version Read
 : Kindle/Owned 
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Sage Singer befriends an old man who’s particularly beloved in her community. Josef Weber is everyone’s favorite retired teacher and Little League coach. They strike up a friendship at the bakery where Sage works. One day he asks Sage for a favor: to kill him. Shocked, Sage refuses…and then he confesses his darkest secret – he deserves to die, because he was a Nazi SS guard. Complicating the matter? Sage’s grandmother is a Holocaust survivor.

I’m starting to believe that I like historical fiction the most. This book lives up to all my hopes and dreams I had for it. While most of you all know that I love history, my main interest has always been in World War 2. I’m still trying to figure out how everything got so out of control, but that is a story for another time. The WWII subject of this book was the reason I picked it up.

Jodi did not disappoint me. While I tend to believe that no one should forget what happened to millions of people, I sometimes forget that there are men and women on the other side that should have their stories told. Not everyone believed in what Hitler stood for, sometimes they had no choice in the matter. It was all life and death after all.

When Sage discovers the truth about Joseph, I could understand her reaction. I’d want the man to pay for his sins as well. But I could also understand his desire to die. I’m not sure what I would have done in a situation like that. This story grabs a hold of your emotions and never lets you go. The ending was a surprise to me and it gave me a lot to think about.

I would recommend this to everyone who loves history or wants a great emotional book.


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