The Indigo Spell

The Indigo SpellThe Indigo Spell by: Richelle Mead
Published : February 2013 
Version Read
 : Kindle/Owned 
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In the aftermath of a forbidden moment that rocked Sydney to her core, she finds herself struggling to draw the line between her Alchemist teachings and what her heart is urging her to do. Then she meets alluring, rebellious Marcus Finch–a former Alchemist who escaped against all odds, and is now on the run. Marcus wants to teach Sydney the secrets he claims the Alchemists are hiding from her. But as he pushes her to rebel against the people who raised her, Sydney finds that breaking free is harder than she thought. There is an old and mysterious magic rooted deeply within her. And as she searches for an evil magic user targeting powerful young witches, she realizes that her only hope is to embrace her magical blood–or else she might be next.

It’s hard for me not to go fangirl about this book or the entire series. While I loved the Vampire Academy, I think there is a much richer story with Sydney than there was with Rose. There hasn’t been a fictional character since Mr. Darcy that I’ve loved as much as Adrian. Sure, he’s got a LOT of issues, but who doesn’t?

Anyway back to the story. During The Indigo Spell, Sydney changes, a lot. When I first started reading the Bloodlines series I wasn’t sure I was going to like Sydney. Although she fought with the ideals that she was raised with, I never thought she’d actually change her opinions. Well I couldn’t have been more wrong. While Sydney still holds on to some of her beliefs, once she starts to use magic in a real way you can see her thoughts shifting.

One of my favorite things about this story is the way the characters are still growing and it’s not in a rushed or pushed kind of way. Their evolution is organic and some of their choices surprised me. I’m still torn about my feelings for Jill. I can’t get the little kid sister out of my head for some reason. With that said I did miss not having the gang in this story as much. I thought Sage was supposed to watch over Jill anyway right?

There is a lot more mystery in this book, which brings me back to the days of reading Vampire Academy. I recommend this book for anyone who liked VA or is interested in a good book with a strong female heroine.



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