Have No Shame

havenoshameHave No Shame by: Melissa Foster
Published : May 2013 
Version Read
 : Kindle/Owned 
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The racially-charged prejudice of the deep South forces eighteen-year-old Alison Tillman to confront societal norms—and her own beliefs—when she discovers the body of a hate crime victim, and the specter of forbidden love turns her safe, comfortable world upside down.

One of my favorite things about this book is that Melissa gives you the choice to read the story with the Southern dialect or not. There are often times that I or my friends try to read books with a different dialect than we are used to and have a hard time understanding it. It was wonderful to know the author loved her story so much, she wanted as many people to read it as possible.

Have No Shame is the kind of story that really changes the way you think about the world. This book takes place in the late 60’s smack dab in the middle of the Civil Rights movement. While most of us like to think that this happened a long time ago, it’s actually in our recent history. Alison’s story is told with brilliance that I felt I was walking beside her experiencing it all.

Alison grew up doing what she was told and not questioning anything. Life was just what it was. Then as it is with life today, someone came along that challenged everything she thought she knew. Suddenly she’s not content with living life the way she’s always done so. Alison has so many struggles and conflicts but sometimes I just wanted to smack her upside the head and tell her what she needed to do.

There were a lot of great characters in this story and I wish some of them were more developed. However, with any first person narrative, the story can be very biased. I feel that if we were able to see through Alison’s father, or even Jackson, the author could have dug more deeply into the society issues of that time period.

I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the social history of the south during the Civil Rights Movement.


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