Broken Things

brokenthingsBroken Things by: G.S. Wright
  Published : Feb 2013
  Version Read : Kindle/Owned
  Read More about it here.


The world has changed. People live forever, but children are a thing of the past. To meet the demands of want-to-be parents, children have been replaced with androids… very life-like androids. Josh, a twelve-year old boy, is hit by a truck, leaving him badly damaged. Instead of paying the outrageous cost to fix him, they dump him in the wilderness. Broken Things follows Josh and his journey to a home that doesn’t want him anymore, through a setting that darkly mirrors our own. Along the way, he must face the fears of abandoned children, from the wilderness to the city streets, and the predators that dwell in both. His only salvation may rest in finding a single person that cares. (taken from Goodreads)

Another great self-published book. Broken Things is my favorite kind of Science Fiction book. The kinds where they are “out there” but still close enough to home to be feasible in the future. While I hope the world doesn’t resort to robot children, it’s already on it’s way with robot pets.

This story follows Josh, but it’s told through the different pov’s of the people he meets. It was an interesting element and it could have gotten out of control, but Wright did a very good job controlling it. Each character was different from the last, and not always a nice one. If you’ve never met some of the nastiest people that live on Earth, this is a great book to read. I’ve had some experiences with them, so I can tell you it is spot on.

While it took a while to get going, once it has its hooks in you, you can’t put the book down. It’s heartwarming, emotional and will leave you with all kinds of  “what if” questions at the end. I would recommend this book to anyone who needs a quick read on a rainy day.


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