The Art of Racing in the Rain

artofracingThe Art of Racing in the Rain by: Garth Stein
Published : 2008
Version Read : Paperback/Owned
Read More about it here.


Enzo knows he is different from other dogs: a philosopher with a nearly human soul (and an obsession with opposable thumbs), he has educated himself by watching television extensively, and by listening very closely to the words of his master, Denny Swift, an up-and-coming race car driver. Through Denny, Enzo has gained tremendous insight into the human condition, and he sees that life, like racing, isn’t simply about going fast. Using the techniques needed on the race track, one can successfully navigate all of life’s ordeals. (taken with love from Goodreads)

I can’t say enough good things about this book. I am ashamed that I sat on this book for so long without reading it. My sister read it in two days and for months told me that I needed to read it. Once I finally did I was so happy it was written.

I’ve spent lots of time wondering what kind of voice my dog had and what his thoughts were. If he had talked I am positive he would have sounded a lot like Enzo. The story of the Swift family is one that everyone can relate to. Maybe not with the things they encounter, but with the hardships and struggles a small family endures. Enzo’s views on life, love, and death rival most humans I know. I’m positive that this dog will continue to change the way people look at everyday life in a different manner for years to come.



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