Sapphire Eyes


Sapphire Eyes by: Rebekah Honeycutt
Published : January 2013
Version Read : Kindle
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Kyelena is a single mother struggling to make ends meet by working as an EMT in Kozak County. Her six year old son, Korey, is her one and only priority as she trudges through the murky waters of her everyday life. Being an Emergency Medical Technician is hard work, but it’s nothing compared to the challenges that await Kyelena after a seemingly ordinary work day turns her life upside down… (taken with love from Goodreads)

I have to be honest before I start this review. This book is written by a dear friend of mine and I was so excited for her when she published it. I promise my readers that I will always give a fair and honest review and I intend to deliver that.

Although this story could use a little more grammar editing (as with almost every self-published book I’ve read) this was a fantastic story. Kyelena was both relatable and likable as the main character. Her life as a single mother is one that I think many single parents can relate to. Going to school to better your life and the life of your child is something I can understand.

One day a secret society makes her an offer. Join their group and never have to worry about your bills or livelihood again. For some reason it read a little like Harry Potter in  the sense that the main character doesn’t know she could have “powers” until someone tells her so. The only other aspect of the story that reminded me of Harry Potter was that each person was given a Guardian, which is an animal that helps protect them. That’s where the similarities of any other book end and this one becomes a unique story.

I love stories that can teach me something without it feeling like school. Until this book EMTs weren’t people I thought a lot about. Sure I’ve had my fair share of run ins with them and am very grateful that they’ve saved my Uncle’s life a couple times, I just never gave them a second thought. I have to honestly say that after reading this book, I will always have respect for their hard work now. Rebekah’s real live experiences as an EMT offer creditably to the story and makes it real.

This is a story about people with just enough magic to make things interesting. I can’t wait for the next book in the series.


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